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2014 MTV VMAs: Worse And Best Dressed.

The VMAs are always fun to watch because we will get to see celebrities rocking all types of looks on the red carpet, but only a very few made the effort to be fashion forward like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and the ever stunning model Chanel Iman showed up and showed out in her wearing a Balmain dress and Casadei heels, simply becoming the best dressed star of the night for me.

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Oprah On Not Wanting To Have Children By Choice.

Oprah Winfrey opens about never having the desire to have babies of her own via had a chat with The Hollywood Reporter :“If I had kids, my kids would hate me, they would have ended up on the equivalent of the Oprah show talking about me; because something [in my life] would have had to suffer and it would’ve probably been them.” “Gayle grew up writing the names of her would-be children, making little hearts and putting children’s names in them. Never occurred to me to do that. I never had a desire. And I don’t think I could have this life and have children. One of the lessons I’ve learned from doing the show is just how much sacrifice and attention is required to do the job of mothering well. Nothing in my background prepared or trained me to do that. So I don’t have any regrets about it at all. And I do feel like I am a mother in a broader sense—to a generation of viewers who’ve grown up with me.” 

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Former Apprentice contestant  Katie Hopkins  has earned the title of “The Most Hated Woman In Britain”, mainly because she uses every platform and every chance she gets to share the most vile and judgmental views which are usually on bullshit.  She feeds off the controversy that she creates with so much pride, not giving a f***about another people`s feelings and everytime she was on ITV`s “This Morning”  I lost more and more respect for them, because it cheapen the quality of the show. 

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Keri Hilson Tells Hoes To Back Off Her Man.

Keri Hilson has reached her breaking point with groupies/hoes throwing themselves onto her boyfriend basketball player Serge Ibaka. It`s bad enough that they do in person, they have gone the extra mile to get to him by using the social platform twitter, flooding his messages box with nude pictures and sexual messages and also flooding in his mention, completely disrespecting the whole respect.

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Attitudes toward reality television have become pretty nasty because the amount of reality shows out here are mostly fake and degrading to watch, seeing grown ass people exploiting themselves to some level of some bullshit. What happened to quality reality shows where we would peer into people’s unadulterated lives and watching their stories unfold without seeing them losing self-respect and dignity for the sake of fame.

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Blue Ivy Natural Hair Joke BET Controversy

The Carters have been criticized and bashed for the hair care of their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy,  from the pathetic petition created by Jasmine Toliver (to get Beyonce to comb her hair) to the many comments gone viral, it seems as if people have nothing better to do then to blast a two-year-old’s hair. 

To make matters worse, on Monday Chris Brown’s famous rebound chick Karrueche Tran was a guest host on BET`s “106 & Park” and  took part in a skit called “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs” where she said a very disrespectful and unfunny joke : “I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair,” Tran said pretending to be Blue Ivy. She giggled then followed it up with, “Sorry Blue! I love you”.

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Sarah Paulson Reflecting On Her Role On American Horror Story: Asylum

Sarah Paulson was put through the wringer on FX’s second installment of American Horror Story: Asylum, where she played Lana Winters, a 1950s-era lesbian journalist determined to expose the wrongdoings inside a mental institution. What she doesn’t count on is that the facility’s sadistic matron, Jessica Lange’s Sister Jude, uses Lana’s sexual orientation against her, torturing the intrepid reporter with electroshock therapy. Other horrific traumas follow, from aversion conversion therapy to rape.

Watch American Horror Story, Season 3 : Coven Episodes

While we wait for the 4th season of American Horror Story, I thought it would be the perfect time for us to re-watch the previous season “The Coven” which features a stunning cast who delivered beyond amazing performances.

Single Review: Tinashe Feat. A$AP Rocky - “Pretend”

The gorgeous and talented singer Tinashe is gearing up to releasing her highly debut album “Aquarius” on October 7th and has just premiered her latest single ‘Pretend’ featuring A$AP Rocky, it serves as the official second single that will follow up her smash hit single “2 On”.

“‘Pretend’ is basically about when you’re in a relationship and instead of dealing with the stuff that you deal with in a relationship, you don’t want to do that,” “You’re just going to pretend that everything is fine. I think a lot of people can relate.” Tinashe told VIBE Magazine.

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